Education: Health

This section will cover a wide variety of topics. We plan to have Specialists from various fields of expertise writing an article and posting it here. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

Darleen Rudnick, Pet Nutritionist, was a "Guest For a Day" on the Champions Listserv. Our membership received a lot of information from the day with Darleen. She is continuing to help us by writing our first article for our Health section on Epilepsy, which is her specialty. More.

Darleen Rudnick has contributed another article. This time Yeast Infections (Skin/Ears/Allergies/Bacterial Infections) is the topic. More.

Ms. Rudnick has come through again with another helpful piece - this ones on IBS - irritable bowel syndrome. More.

CANCER Ms. Rudnick has sent us another great article. Click here to read about Cancer and how we can prevent it.